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Professional Experience & Projects

Hill Farm, LLC

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Oracle Corporation

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Job Responsibilities

Title: Cloud Marketing Associate

**Due to internal copyrights, cannot include visuals of the documents, webpages, or powerpoint presentations created - descriptions of materials included below**

Go-to-Market Campaign Project Management:​

Created strategic joint go-to-market campaigns for Oracle & their technology partners from ideation to finish.

  • Project managed various marketing campaigns with multiple technology partners simultaneously.

    • Worked closely with the C-suite of technology partners, along with various internal Oracle teams to create & project manage marketing campaigns that brought to market new & emerging technologies.

      • Campaigns included coordinating blogs, press releases, videos, podcasts, and jointly-branded webpages and/or microsites.

  • Promoted content through Oracle's various Twitter, Facebook, and community social media accounts.

Webpage Creation & Management:
  • Created and maintained multiple various internal web-pages that educated Oracle's sales representatives on how to engage their technology customers in Go-to-Market campaigns.

  • Worked cross-functionally with Oracle's web-team to publish sites online & maintain webpage information, keeping content up-to-date & relevant.

  • Maximized visibility of webpages using SEO.


Education & Resource Management:
  • Created various powerpoint presentations & documents used for providing Oracle technology partners with information on how they can Go-to-Market with Oracle.

  • Maintained various databases with up-to-date information on progress from active campaigns, information documents, and webpages of marketing materials.

Coordination Among Organization:
  • Worked cross-functionally with various teams within Oracle & with Oracle technology partners to execute various projects regarding marketing campaigns & resource distribution. This included teams for sales, business development, engineering, and public relations.

"Oracle Guest Blog Program"

Founder of multi-organization-wide program called the "Oracle Guest Blog Program."
This provided a service to Oracle technology partners allowing them to publish their written blog posts on one of Oracle's various blog platforms. This streamlined a process that was in need and enabled internal & external teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently.
Creation of Materials:
  • Created materials that outlined the internal & external process for:
    • Oracle blog teams, sales teams, and/or project management teams to follow to work with the technology partners to approve & publish guest blogs online
    • Oracle technology partners to submit their blogs & work with Oracle teams for publishing.
  • Resource materials created for program included:
    • External submission form
    • Best practices guide
    • Internal webpage​
    • Powerpoint presentations
    • Information documents
Creation Process:​​
  • Presented materials and pitched idea to upper management, had it approved.​
  • Coordinated with 12 Oracle blogging platforms and approved their participation in the program. 
  • Held various meetings to announce new program along with educating internal Oracle teams on the program & how to engage customers to use the new service.
  • Promoted new service internally & externally through Oracle social media and community pages
Management of Program:
  • Oversaw the program's development & the submissions that came in
  • Kept database up to date on submission rate.
  • Met bi-weekly with internal Oracle business development teams to monitor the progress of the program, and produce new ideas on how to continue to promote the service and educated internal Oracle teams.


Gather Content:
  • Photograph and video original content shot at on-site at the Club Pilates studio to capture compelling materials to use for promotion on social media.

Production of Materials:
  • Edit & produce 40+ videos & photos ready to publish online to Club Pilate's various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to promote the studio.

  • Content edited using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Canva, & Procreate softwares.

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Promotional Videos

Instagram Story Videos

Instagram Posts Videos & Graphics



Create & coordinate marketing materials for Arbor Hill Farm, LLC, a national equestrian show stable & business based in Canton, GA. 

Website Creation:
  • Built website for Arbor Hill Farm LLC using their preferred software. Website highlights the equestrian facilities, the horses for sale, recent competition updates, and content promoting the barn.

  • Maximize SEO for website to gain higher visibility online.

  • Creation of logo designs from ideation to publishing of logos online using Adobe Photoshop & Procreate softwares.

  • Creation of Arbor Hill Farm, LLC. brand guide, determining critical details to the business's brand, including: fonts, color palette, tone & language, logo, clear mission statement, and visuals details.


Content Creation:
  • Shot original photo & video on-site of the facilities, horses, & boarders of Arbor Hill Farm LLC.

  • Edit and produced photo and video content to be featured on the AHF website, social media, merchandise, and barn promotion materials.

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Website Homepage Preview

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Secondary Logo


Primary Logo

Creative Agency Client

Managed social media content for Cyclebar located in Wellington, FL while working for Phelps Media Group.

Marketing Campaign Organization:
  • Worked with team to develop compelling social media & marketing campaign to promote the grand opening of the Wellington, FL location for Cyclebar.

  • Created content calendar for pre-scheduled social media posts, including determining which content to post & captions that captured the intended tone depending on the current message.

  • Wrote press release to announce the grand opening.

  • Organized email campaigns & written content to include for promotional announcements to respective email lists.


Content Creation​:
  • Shot original photography and videography on-site of the studio & instructors to create social content.

  • Edited and produced promotional content to be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & other promotional materials to advertise the studio.​​

  • Edited content using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere softwares. 

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Promotional Videos