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CycleBar is a premier indoor cycling studio that offers exhilarating, high-energy workouts in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Their mission is to create a fun and engaging fitness experience that inspires and empowers individuals to achieve their personal best. With state-of-the-art cycling equipment, expert instructors, and a variety of music playlists, CycleBar aims to motivate riders of all fitness levels to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. Through their supportive community and dynamic classes, CycleBar strives to make fitness an enjoyable and transformative journey for everyone who walks through their doors.

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During my tenure at Phelps Media Group International, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with CycleBar, an esteemed client, to execute several successful marketing and public relations campaigns. As the point person for their initiatives, I played a pivotal role in generating excitement and raising awareness for their Wellington, FL grand opening, as well as creating engaging content for various events, holiday promotions, and collaborative ventures with partner vendors.

Campaign Management & Content Creation

Campaign Management

  • Conducted thorough research on CycleBar's target audience, competitors, and industry trends to develop effective marketing strategies.

  • Collaborated with the client to define campaign objectives, key messages, and desired outcomes.

  • Created a comprehensive marketing and PR plan, outlining timelines, and specific tactics.

Social Media Management

  • Managed CycleBar's social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to foster brand engagement and increase follower base.

  • Developed a content calendar, strategically planning and scheduling posts in advance to ensure consistent messaging and brand voice.

  • Crafted compelling captions that resonated with the target audience and aligned with CycleBar's brand identity.

Content & Press

  • Composed persuasive and informative press releases to announce significant milestones, studio events, and community initiatives.

  • Leveraged my writing skills to craft engaging email campaigns that conveyed CycleBar's unique value propositions and encouraged customer participation.

  • Utilized Adobe Photoshop to capture and edit captivating studio photographs, maintaining a visually appealing social media presence.

  • Designed visually striking graphics using Adobe Illustrator, incorporating original studio photos and design elements to enhance visual storytelling.

  • Produced engaging videos, shot in-studio, and edited with Adobe Premiere, to showcase the exhilarating CycleBar experience.

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