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Club Pilates


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During my time as a freelance graphic designer working with Club Pilates, I collaborated closely with the management team to align their audience, goals, budget, timeline, and brand guidelines. The objective was to create diverse content for their website and social media platforms, encompassing photography, promotional videos, graphic designs, and motion graphics. I engaged in an extensive process to deliver high-quality material that accurately represented the essence of Club Pilates and its offerings.

Content Creation

Understanding Client Requirements: I initiated the project by conducting meetings with the Club Pilates management team. We discussed their target audience, specific objectives, available budget, desired timeline, and brand guidelines. This step allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of their vision and expectations.

Initial Consultation and Goal-Setting

  • Met with Club Pilates management team to discuss their target audience, goals, budget, timeline, and brand guidelines.

  • Established a clear understanding of the desired content and its purpose for the website and social media accounts.


  • Conducted on-site visits to the Club Pilates studio to capture original photographs.

  • Took photos of active classes, instructors, the studio environment, and the studio shop.

  • Employed Adobe Photoshop to enhance and edit the captured content, ensuring high-quality visuals.


  • Visited the Club Pilates studio to film original videos that showcased the essence of the classes.

  • Captured footage of active classes, instructors teaching, the studio, and the studio shop.

  • Utilized the footage to produce two promotional videos and additional videos tailored for social media platforms.

  • Edited the videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and Canva to refine the visuals and create engaging content.

Social Media Content

  • Leveraged the photography and videography content captured in the studio to create impactful social media posts.

  • Designed 20 Instagram stories and 20 Instagram posts that incorporated a mix of studio content and graphic designs.

  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, and Canva to edit and enhance the social media content.

Review & Feedback

  • Collaborated with the Club Pilates management team to review the created content.

  • Incorporated their feedback and made necessary revisions to ensure the final deliverables met their expectations.

Final Delivery

  • Provided Club Pilates with the completed content, including edited photographs, promotional videos, and social media posts.

  • Ensured all materials adhered to the company's brand guidelines for consistent branding across platforms.

Final Product

Promotion Videos

Social Media Content

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