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Good neighbors productions




Working with Good Neighbors Productions, a music production company based in Chicago, IL, was an engaging and rewarding experience. As a freelance graphic designer, I collaborated closely with the founders to create event posters for their upcoming concert. The project encompassed multiple stages, from initial consultations to final delivery, ensuring that their vision and requirements were met effectively.



Assets delivered to the client include:

  • Three concert posters

  • Three rounds of designs and editing

& Goal-Setting

  • I initiated the project by meeting with the founders to discuss their goals, timeline, budget, and concert details.

  • We explored their vision and ideas for the posters, with a specific focus on creating a "disco church" concept incorporating mosaic patterns.

  • I took detailed notes to gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements and objectives.

Strategy & Planning

Initial Designs

  • Leveraging the insights gained from the consultation, I began working on the initial design concepts using Adobe Illustrator. Specific requests to use in the design include:

    • Disco church theme​

    • Mosaic tile effect

    • Bright color elements

    • Effect of the church dripping color (this element was requested based on a design example of mine in my 2D Design Portfolio)

  • I explored various approaches, incorporating in specific design requests from the client while ensuring the overall design aligned with the concert's theme.

  • Once the initial designs were ready, I presented them to the founders for their feedback and input.

GN_Option 2_Blue (1).PNG

Design Concept Development

  • Following the feedback received, I made the necessary adjustments and updates to the poster designs. Edits included:

    • Make Good Neighbors and venue logo less prominent

    • Emphasize performer's names and make them larger

    • Focus on the green and gold color theme

    • Remove mosaic background effects

    • Provide poster with blank background

  • We engaged in three rounds of editing, wherein the founders provided new ideas and suggestions for further refinement.

  • Through regular meetings and communication, we collaborated closely to ensure the designs aligned with their expectations and vision.

IMG_6534 2.PNG

Final Review and Approval

  • Received feedback of updates to make, including:

    • Utilize new, modern font​

    • Remove originally requested drip effect

    • Remove originally requested disco mosaic background effect

    • Resize poster

    • Bring back the red theme design

  • Once all the requested edits and design updates were implemented, I provided the founders with the final version of the posters for their review.

  • They carefully assessed the designs, ensuring that the end product met their satisfaction and aligned with their branding guidelines.

  • Any last-minute adjustments or refinements were made based on their feedback, ensuring a polished and finalized design.


Final Product Delivery

  • With the posters and additional assets finalized and approved, I delivered the high-resolution files in the specified formats, ready for printing and online use.

  • The founders received the deliverables promptly, allowing them to proceed with their marketing and promotional efforts for the concert.


In Conclusion

Throughout the project, I maintained professionalism and expertise, leveraging my design skills and client-focused approach to meet Good Neighbors Productions' expectations. By effectively communicating and adapting to their evolving ideas, I ensured a smooth collaboration that resulted in visually appealing and impactful event posters to the client's satisfaction.

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