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Arbor hill farm llc.


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Arbor Hill Farm LLC is a competitive equestrian shows table based in Canton, GA that focuses on providing top-of-the-line facilities and care for nationally equestrians.


I had the privilege of collaborating with Arbor Hill Farm, LLC as a freelance graphic designer, working closely with their management team to fulfill their marketing and branding objectives. By engaging in detailed discussions regarding their target audience, goals, budget, timeline, and brand vision, I successfully delivered a range of assets that effectively met their primary needs.

Content Creation

Initial Consultation and Goal-Setting

  • Held extensive meetings with the management team to gain a deep understanding of their audience, goals, and allocated budget.

  • Explored their desired timeline and brand aspirations to ensure a comprehensive grasp of their vision.

  • Primary assets of importance included:

    • Comprehensive website​

    • Photography of show stables and property

    • Primary and secondary logo

    • Brand guide 


  • Conducted on-site photography sessions to capture the essence of Arbor Hill Farm LLC.

  • Emphasized the vibrant culture and sense of community within the stables, showcased the accomplished equestrians boarding their horses, highlighted the beauty of the property's amenities, facilities, and the expansive 57-acre landscape.

  • Employed Adobe Photoshop to enhance and edit the captured content, ensuring high-quality visuals.

Website Creation

  • Collaborated with the management team to develop a compelling website showcasing their equestrian show stables, amenities, and the expansive 57-acre property.

  • Utilized their designated web design software to update and enhance the existing website, with a focus on highlighting the equestrian facility, amenities, equestrians boarding their horses, exceptional horse care, and the barn's competitive success on the national circuit.

Logo Design

  • Worked closely with the management team to create a primary and secondary logo that captured the essence of the Arbor Hill Farm LLC brand.

  • Took into account their aesthetic preferences and brand identity, resulting in logos that effectively represented their unique identity and resonated with their target audience.

  • Created logo using Adobe Illustrator design software

Brand Guide

  • Developed a comprehensive brand guide for Arbor Hill Farm LLC, ensuring consistency across various platforms such as the website, social media, event flyers, and more.

  • Outlined guidelines for visual elements, including color schemes, typography choices, and imagery, to maintain a cohesive and professional brand presence.

Final Delivery

  • Provided Arbor Hill Farm LLC's management team with completed assets that fulfilled their objectives, effectively showcased their equestrian show stables, amenities, and property, and captured the spirit of their brand. The client was highly satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Final Product

Primary Logo


Secondary Logo



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