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Role Overview

As a Cloud Marketing Associate at Oracle, I played a pivotal role in creating and managing marketing campaigns, creating marketing + sales collateral, educating sales representatives, and coordinating with various internal and external teams.


Go-to-Market Campaigns

One of my key responsibilities was creating strategic joint go-to-market campaigns for Oracle and its technology partners.


I worked closely with the C-suite of technology partners and various internal Oracle teams to project manage marketing campaigns that brought new and emerging technologies to market. This included coordinating blogs, press releases, videos, podcasts, and jointly-branded webpages and/or microsites. I also promoted content through Oracle's various social media accounts to maximize visibility, working closely with Oracle's social media teams to ensure content was distributed through the appropriate channels.

Webpages & Collateral

I created and maintained multiple internal web pages that educated Oracle's sales representatives on how to engage their technology customers in go-to-market campaigns. I worked cross-functionally with Oracle's web team to publish sites online and keep content up-to-date and relevant while using SEO to maximize visibility. I also created various PowerPoint presentations and documents that provided Oracle technology partners with information on how they could go-to-market with Oracle. I maintained databases with up-to-date information on progress from active campaigns, information documents, and webpages of marketing materials.

Internal Collaboration

I worked closely with teams for sales, business development, engineering, and public relations to execute various projects regarding marketing campaigns and resource distribution. This collaboration was particularly crucial when scouting new technology prior to launch to create strategic go-to-market campaigns around, setting timelines, and defining campaign goals. In addition to collaborating on these campaigns, I also played a key role in educating other internal teams on marketing programs, recent news, and program updates happening within the organization. This ensured that all teams were informed and aligned on marketing strategies, enabling us to work together more efficiently towards common goals.

Go-to-Market Campaign Implementation Process

The following process outline the steps I managed while implementing a jointly-branded marketing campaign with Oracle's various technology partners. Campaigns were implemented in multiple phases.

Throughout the each phase of the campaign, my responsibilities include:

  • Maintain various databases and tracking progress to ensure all tasks are completed within schedule.

  • Organize schedules and deadlines to maintain efficient project management.

  • Act as a middleman between various Oracle teams and the technology partner, facilitating effective communication and coordination.

  • Maintain relationships with the partner, nurturing the collaboration for future product launches, events, and news initiatives.

  • Bring value by leveraging my expertise in project management, relationship management, asset creation, campaign organization, and maintaining internal communication channels.

Phase 1:

  • Coordinate with Oracle Sales and Engineering teams to identify a technology partner for launching their software on OCI.

  • Meet with the client's C-suite to understand campaign goals, target audience, timeline, and competitors.

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the campaign, considering the partner's budget, marketing assets to create, effective channels for content distribution, and campaign timeline.

Phase 2:
Press Release & Social Amplification

  • Assist the partner's C-suite in producing a compelling press release.

  • Collaborate with Oracle's legal team to obtain approval for the press release.

  • Work with Oracle's business development teams to create a visually appealing "Social Card" for the press release.

  • Schedule and publish the press release through various channels, including Oracle's social media accounts, internal news Slack Channels, partner community pages, and email newsletters.

  • Update Oracle's internal website dedicated to ISV news to ensure visibility for sales reps and engineers.

Phase 3:
Accompanying Assets - Blog

  • Collaborate with the partner's marketing and engineering teams to publish a blog post highlighting the benefits of their product running on OCI.

  • Leverage Oracle's social media accounts, internal news Slack Channels, partner community pages, and email newsletters to promote the blog.

  • Personally update Oracle's internal website to provide easy access to the latest information for sales reps and engineers.

Phase 4:
Accompanying Assets - Microsite

  • Create a jointly branded microsite with the partner to showcase the marketing assets released in collaboration with Oracle.

  • Implement SEO optimization techniques to improve visibility and attract organic traffic to the microsite.

  • Enable the partner to gather valuable insights through website analytics, including visitor behavior, post traction, keyword effectiveness, and lead generation.

Phase 5:
Accompanying Assets - Video

  • Collaborate closely with Oracle's video teams to produce an internal video showcasing the partner's product running on OCI.

  • Manage deadlines and facilitate communication between the partner and relevant internal Oracle teams.

  • Utilize Oracle's internal channels, such as news Slack Channels and email newsletters, to share the video and promote its content.

  • Personally update Oracle's internal website specific to ISV news for sales reps and engineers.


  • Continued to nurture the relationship with the technology partner for future product launches, events, and collaborative opportunities.

  • Acted as a point of contact, ensuring effective communication and coordination between Oracle and the partner.

  • Provided ongoing support, leveraging your knowledge and expertise to add value to the partner's marketing initiatives.

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