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House of dreamr



Throughout my collaboration with House of DREAMR, a clothing brand based in Austin, TX, I provided my expertise as a freelance graphic designer for their highly anticipated 2023 collection. Our collaboration involved a series of meetings with the company's founder and CFO to discuss crucial elements such as target audience, goals, collection theme, budget, and timeline. My primary objective was to create a new logo and a comprehensive package of assets that would effectively promote the launch of their upcoming 2023 collection, "No More Heart Breaks."



Assets delivered to the client include:

  • New 3-dimensional House of DREAMR logo

  • 2-dimensional & 3-dimensional House of DREAMR logos in color palette of "No More Heart Breaks" collection

  • 3D motion graphic video for social media and website

  • Collection of graphic designs for social media

  • Promotion posters to tease the new collection

  • Pattern design to use for website, social media, and other assets

Initial Consultation & Goal-Setting

  • Met with the founder and CFO to gain a thorough understanding of their brand identity, collection vision, and marketing goals.

  • Discussed the target audience to ensure the assets would resonate with their desired demographic.

  • Explored the specific themes and concepts behind the "No More Heart Breaks" collection.

Planning & Budgeting

  • Collaborated with the client to establish a project timeline that aligned with their launch date and promotional activities.

  • Conducted a detailed budget analysis to determine the resources required for the asset creation.

  • Presented a proposal outlining the deliverables, milestones, and estimated costs for the project.

Strategy & Planning


3D Logo Design

  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator to transform the existing 2-dimensional logo for House of DREAMR, into a visually appealing 3-dimensional logo design.

  • Iterated on different design concepts and shared drafts with the client for feedback and revision.

  • Create collection of 3 dimensional logos in each of the "No More Heart Breaks" color palette.

  • Refinement and finalization of the 3D logo to meet the client's vision and brand guidelines.


3D Logo Design

Incorporated the client's feedback to create 3D logo alternative that maintained brand consistency while adapting to the visual aesthetic of the upcoming collection.


Alternative 3D logo design features:

  • Inflated, balloon-like surface

  • Glossy surface

  • Variation in angle of 3D logo

  • Alternative lighting angle

Promotion Posters

The ​purpose of the promotion posters are to tease the upcoming "No More Heart Breaks" 2023 collection, and generate anticipation and exciting for more details on the collection to come. 

  • Utilized typography skills and understanding of color theory to create a captivating promotional posters with the purpose of teasing the upcoming "No More Heart Breaks" 2023 collection to viewers on social media and generate excitement.

  • Employed Adobe Illustrator to design a visually compelling composition that conveyed the essence of the "No More Heart Breaks" collection.

  • Engaged in iterative feedback sessions with the client to refine and perfect the poster design.


Social Media Collection

  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator to design a collection of captivating graphics for social media platforms, aimed at teasing the upcoming launch of the "No More Heart Breaks" collection.

  • Leveraged my typography skills and knowledge of color theory to create visually engaging designs that aligned with the brand's aesthetics.

  • Collaborated closely with the client, sharing drafts and incorporating their feedback to ensure the graphics effectively communicated the collection's theme.