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The Boggio Portfolio is a robust portfolio of work created by Alexa Boggio, a Graphic Designer and Marketing & Media Specialist based in Atlanta, GA. 

Currently the Social Media Marketing Manager for Lucie Content, Alexa has over 6 years of experience in graphic design, marketing, and strategic communications. Additionally, Alexa has experience in animation, UX design, branding, journalism, social media strategy, video production, and photography. These skills have been utilized in both the environment of a creative agency and in-house.

Alexa's goal is to spread positivity and provoke deeper thought from viewers, whether that be through a marketing campaign or through graphic designs.


In the Press


Graphic Design


Marketing & PR




View Alexa's extensive portfolio of marketing and public relations projects.


Alexa has worked with a variety of companies among various fields to create high-impact campaigns. She has experience working both in-house and as an independent contractor. Alexa's involvement in each campaign depends on job type and the client's marketing goals, timeline, budget, and audience. This ranges from campaign management, marketing strategy, content creation, graphic design, website design, social media planning, relationship management, among other responsibilities. 

Design Portfolio

View Alexa's portfolio of original graphic designs.


Alexa draws inspiration from the colorful, uplifting styles of local Austin art, along with positive messaging and self-growth. Much of Alexa's art reflects lessons learned in life, day-to-day thoughts, and POP inspired displays to translate positivity through each design. Each graphic is created using Adobe Illustrator and/or Procreate, and photography is edited using Adobe Photoshop and/or Procreate.

Check Out
Inside Joy Lifestyle

About Inside Joy

Alexa launched Inside Joy Lifestyle, a wellness blog and Instagram, with the purpose of empowering readers to live their most fulfilling life. 


Each post focuses on insights on self-growth and personal development, mental and physical health, and artistic inspiration.

View Design Portfolio for full gallery


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